Sindy - Fleur's English cousin! Or is Fleur Sindy's Dutch cousin? That is the question...


Pedigree or Hasbro Sindy will be, no doubt, already familiar to many of our visitors. This page is not meant to be exclusively about Sindy in any way - she is already without a doubt one of the most written-about fashion dolls, with literally thousands of websites dedicated to her. Here, we aim to show rather how similar Fleur and Sindy really are, and how Fleur doesn't really deserve to be called Sindy's "clone". Fleur herself enjoyed immense popularity in Europe in the 1980s, and was a famous doll in her own right.


It is true that Fleur was initially conceived as a Dutch "answer" to Sindy, as already explained in Fleur's Story. However, during her 10-year production, she was unique and individually marketed. Her packaging and outfits bear very little evidence of copying Sindy or any other fashion doll. She is definitely her own girl - a girl like you, according to her slogan!














First and foremost, anyone interested in Sindy simply must obtain Colette Mansell's book The History of Sindy, pictured above. This book is extremely expensive on Amazon, but can be found on eBay for reasonable prices. Page 164 of the First Edition shows Fleur as Sindy's "look-alike" - the picture above right is a direct scan from the book.
























































Their bodies are nearly exact in measurements, with Fleur being about 3 milimetres taller due to a longer torso and more arched feet. They can wear each other's clothes very well. As with the faces, we show here two of the most commonly found types of bodies. Sindy is on the left, Fleur on the right.


Please note the following differences: Sindy's hands point in two different directions (one to the side and one to the back), where Fleur's both point to the back. Sindy has a slightly wider waist. Fleur's hips are more rounded, and please note how different the hip joints are - Fleur's are flat where Sindy's aren't (to clarify, this Sindy can move her legs sideways whereas the Fleur can't, but even Fleurs who can move their legs sideways have a flat hip joint).


Another big difference which can't be seen in this photo is that this Sindy's arms are made from rigid plastic and don't bend, where Fleur's are made from soft vinyl. While they don't pose, they can be bent to put hands in pockets and also are helpful when dressing the doll.



































They look incredibly cute when dressed and photographed together, and you can clearly see that Fleur is not a clone in any way, and not really a look-alike either. They really are like cousins!




"More tea, Sindy darling?"

"I don't mind if I do, Fleur!"

















































































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We may best compare Fleur and Sindy faces on bald dolls. On the left we have one of the ponytail Fleurs, very common in the late 1980s. On the right we have a "Princess Diana" Sindy who originally had short hair. We feel these are very good samples for comparison, as they use popular and often-used molds.


Please note how Fleur's face is more rounded in the cheeks. Fleur has a slight smile, and her lips are not parted. Fleur's lashes are made of vinyl, where Sindy's are rooted with hair. Sindy has painted lashes, but Fleur doesn't. Fleur's nose is more straight than Sindy's. The white dots in her eyes are painted in a different place. Their profiles are almost identical, with most notable difference being in Sindy's open mouth and slightly bigger chin. You may also note that Fleur has blush on her cheeks, however this was not common to all Fleur dolls, therefore doesn't need to be mentioned.


You must agree that they really look like cousins, but not like clones!  

           Sindy L - Fleur R                                  Fleur L - Sindy R                                  Fleur L - Sindy R


Sindy's and Fleur's hands and feet are very similar. In the hands, Sindy's fingers are clearly parted, where Fleurs are molded together (they can be carefully separated). The lines on Fleur's palms are more pronounced, as is the finger detail. Fleur's feet have a slightly higher and straighter arch. With exception of Sindys with large feet, Fleur and Sindy can exchange shoes without problems. Just like cousins!