Shoe Bag - a plastic bag with pockets to fit 7 pairs of shoes.


The shoes always seemed to be the same type and colour: black boots, pink trainers, yellow trainers, red high heels, green high heels, white pointe shoes, and blue slippers.





































  Boots - colours as shown.














Bow shoes with small heel - for 70s Fleurs with large feet. Colours as shown.



























Rare silver high heels worn by 70s Disco Fleur.









Black and pink heels with large flower, also available in gold. Black flats for 70s Fleurs with large feet. Slippers available as shown in blue and white.































Kitten-heel shoes with flower in front - please note difference between these and flowered black and pink high heels pictured above.



Plain pumps, in addition to colours above also available in blue.



























Sporty shoes - Alpine doll boots, trainers, and pointe.










            Sandals - Fleur's most famous shoes.









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