We offer the following services:


* Nylon hair reroots

* Saran hair reroots

* Eyelash reroots


All of our hair is purchased from

This is a UK-based seller with excellent service and spectacular colour selection! We can arrange to have the hair sent directly to us, to avoid unnecessary postage costs. Depending on length of hair, a Fleur normally requires two packs of hair to complete the job.


How it works:


* Tool and glue method - a very quick process which takes only a few hours per doll. There are no knots. When the reroot is finished the hair is glued inside the head with special glue. Totally safe, hair can be washed and brushed and styled after glue is dry.


* Knot method - preferred by most, but takes much longer time. Hair is tied in a knot which holds the hair inside the head and prevents falling out. No glue is used. Equally safe for washing and brushing hair.

Cost (in GBP):


* Tool and glue - 30 per doll

* Knot - 40 per doll

* Eyelashes - free with any reroot


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We offer an excellent reroot service!


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