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Pretty Baby made its first appearance around 1986. The full range was advertised in the 1986 booklet included with most dolls sold that year. Please scroll below for photos and more information.  

















































































The Pretty Baby range was fully advertised in the 1986 booklet, with two promo photos pictured above. They advertised furniture as pictured: high chair, playpen, commode, and bed. All other accessories in these photos were sold separately with the babies or with outfits. Please see below for each individual item. The packaging was re-designed in light yellow with light green stripes, and each box shows the Pretty Baby logo. At this time a second Baby Carriage was introduced. This Carriage was sold without a baby, and in two colour variations of green/yellow or yellow/green.   






The Babies were sold separately with a nice selection of accessories, as pictured below. Presumably they are a boy and a girl, although they both have mixed blue and pink wardrobe. Four sets of outfits and more accessories were available separately.









































































































































In 1988, as Fleur changed to New Look, so did Pretty Baby. Virtually everything was new. The Babies now had rooted hair, and appeared slightly older and larger. The packaging changed from light yellow to light blue cloud design, and the new Fleur logo was also used. It is possible that Pretty Baby continued to be sold for a short while after Fleur was discontinued in 1988. This may be evidenced by the fact that one of the items below doesn't have the Fleur logo on it. Below is a promo photo for the full range, with Fleur logo also missing, and individual Baby items and outfits.


Many thanks to Marja for giving permission to use some of these photos from her shop.
































































































































































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This Baby Carriage was probably the first item in the range and sold before 1986. Please note it doesn't have the Pretty Baby label and is sold in a dark green box, commonly used before 1986. There were two colour variations for this carriage, as pictured. It was sold with a single baby and pink bedding. The baby was incredibly cute and very realistic, with a large head, beautiful face, little fatty wrinkles on its legs and arms, and even had gently carved hair, finger nails and toe nails, and dimples in the elbows. Without a doubt one of the cutest mini baby dolls ever made.