1280 to 1288


This outfit was given the name "Jockey" in the 1986 booklet. Riding outfit in red, green, and white, with red riding boots.


This outfit was given the name "Green Top" in the 1986 booklet. Lovely green sleeveless blouse and skirt, worn with a flower-print tie shirt and white high heels. Two variations of the blouse fabric have been found so far, as pictured.



























































































This outfit was given the name "White Blue Suite" in the 1986 booklet. Lovely white and blue suit with a very stylish head wrap and blue sunglasses.










Fleur was very stylish in the 80s in her pink dungarees with big pockets, polka dot blouse, large white belt, and pink sunglasses.












Very funny combination of stripes and flowers, with pink velvet purse, tie, glasses, socks and shoes. Outfit 1286 below was mistakenly given this number in the 1986 booklet.








This outfit was given the name "Flower Design" in the 1986 booklet, and was mistakenly numbered as 1283. White blouse, deep aqua pants and lined flowered shirt, with a matching bag. Sold with blue or white high heel shoes. Two variations of the fabric have been found, as pictured.





























































Lovely pastel-coloured tennis outfit - striped dress, matching belt, pink socks, and a headband. Seen with white, pink, or yellow shoes.












This outfit was given the name "Black Evening Dress" in the 1986 booklet. Gorgeous black satin evening gown decorated with silver thread, and accessorised with silver mesh wrap, purse, and pearls.




































































































































































All of the above outfits are numbered 1288. Interestingly, although they are meant to be separate, some of them can be worn like mix and match. They all have the same shoes - black high heels with large flower.



































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