1270 to 1279


Disco glitter outfit of gold blouse, black satin pants, and black fishnets, accessorised with a belt and gold bag made from the same material as the blouse. This outfit was sold with black or gold high heel shoes.


Gorgeous outdoor outfit of pink zipper jacket and pants, with a striped blouse and sporty white bag. Sold with white sandals or white running shoes.





























































































Great sailor outfit of jeans, white turtleneck top, white striped jacket, matching bag, and white socks. Sold with white sandals or running shoes. 









Funny striped pantsuit, worn with sleeveless vest and matching blue bag and running shoes. Two variations were seen - blue and green stripes, or blue and brown stripes, as pictured.












Perfect outfit for autumn - striped vinyl rain coat, dark blue knee-length corduroy pants, red blouse, and black belt. Sold with blue running shoes or sandals. There were at least 4 different fabric variations of the coat, as pictured.


Casual shopping outfit of jeans, check blouse, matching lined brushed cotton vest, and jeans bag. There were two known variations of the blouse fabric, as pictured.







Colourful set of navy cotton pants and matching striped jacket with an unusual collar, matched with a hat and bag. Sold with white high heels or white sandals.  




























































Look great on the beach - pink and blue blouse, pants, and hooded jacket, with a matching tennis bag, and white running shoes.













Beautiful bedtime outfit of pink and white striped nightgown, white and red robe, and white slippers. White towel was also included in the box.  

























































Flashy ballet or aerobic outfit of red cotton with puffy sleeves and silver removable skirt, with matching leg warmers and white tights. Sold with ballet shoes and jumping rope.




































































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