1260 to 1269


Cool nylon motorcycle suit, worn with flowered turtleneck sweater, and white sandals or white running shoes. It is not so impressive in photos, but in real life it's very beautiful. Two kinds of blouse fabric have been seen so far, as pictured.


Interesting skirt suit with felt inserts, hat, and bag. This outfit is hard to find in good condition, because of the type of fabric it is made from. Two variations have been seen as pictured, in dark gray and light gray, and with different plaid patterns.


























































































Plaid suit with long skirt, white blouse, and matching hat and purse. Available in a purple and red variation, and with three known plaid patterns, as pictured. Shoes are brown heels with small flower.











Cheerful combo of knit striped vest worn over a red shirt, with brown pants. Accessorised with matching hat, purse, necklace, and red sandals. Seen with  two variations of the vest as shown, possibly more variations exist.










Fiery red skirt and shawl, lovely white blouse with lace ruffle and a large gold belt. This outfit came with many fabric variations, as illustrated. Worn with plain red pumps.


Bright outdoor outfit of blue jacket and pants embellished with pink, and striped white-and-pink blouse and bag. Seen with white or blue sandals, also with blue running shoes. Please note our boxed sample has an unusual bag.







Outrageous brown suede coat with gold trim, worn over a striped cotton knee-length dress, with matching head scarf, belt and shoes. Dress has been seen in three different design variations, two examples are shown above.





























































This outfit was given the name "Horse-riding" in the 1986 booklet. Elegant riding outfit in black and white, with black riding boots. This outfit is often confused with outfit 1205.


Please read this blog entry for detailed pictures and description of both outfits.













Extravagant coat with large collar, with matching vest and green pants, and a white long sleeved turtleneck shirt. This outfit was available in at least 4 different fabric variations, three are pictured above.


























































Probably Fleur's most refined evening outfit. Floor-length black satin skirt with a front split, grittery red top, suede belt, and faux white fur coat. Accessorised with pearls and a suede bag.
































































































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