1250 to 1259


Interesting green suit with frilled shirt, knee-length pants, and hat, with gold ribbon, belt, and purse as accessories.   


Elegant red and black suit with a matching hat, and a white blouse with black frill. Worn with black riding boots.




























































































Colourful striped knitted sweater worn with white pants, with red hat and bag. Two different variations of the sweater were seen. In the catalogue this outfit is shown with red sandals.











Striped pink blouse, skirt, and shirt with a head scarf and bag, and red high heel shoes. This outfit is made from very fragile fabric, and is hard to find in good condition.












Nostalgic housework outfit in blue and white, with matching apron and head scarf, also with oven mitts and towel.








Black knee-length satin pants and white frilly blouse, accessorised with plaid shawl, purse, and headband. There was some variation in purse fabric, please see photos. Worn with red riding boots. 




























































Unusual combination of tough and romantic - faux leather, corduroy pants and zipper jacket, paired with a very soft and feminine blouse and hat. Purse to match. Three variations of blouse and hat fabric seen so far, as pictured.




Romantic pink nightgown with a lace robe and matching cap. 

Accessorised with a white brush and comb, and white slippers. 








Six budget fashions sold in individual clothing bags, without shoes. 





























































Blue vinyl raincoat to cheer up a rainy day - with detachable lined hood, and a matching umbrella and white boots.















































































































































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