1240 to 1249


Romantic green and white dress printed with delicate blue flowers, with matching vest, hat, and purse. Worn with dark green high heel shoes with small flower.  


Suited for summer in green stripes - wrap-around skirt, blouse, and hat, with short shorts to be worn under skirt, and matching bag. Probably worn with white sandals.





























































































Ready for Grand Prix in a motorcycle suit in 3 colour variations - pink, green, or blue. Unknown shoes.  










Fashionable plaid suit of matching jacket, skirt, and hat, with a white blouse. This outfit was sold in a red and brown variation.












Morning Walk outfit - fluffy blue jacket, matching light blue turtleneck sweater, and a white hat. Seen with either white or blue sandals.


Romantic summer outfit of pink and white blouse, striped skirt and belt, with a lace bag and hat. This outfit is hard to find. Also seen in the promo photo for the Fleur Swimming Pool.







Very smart outfit of striped purple blouse, skirt, sweater, and hat, accented with blue purse and high heel shoes. This outfit is hard to find.




























































Beautifully made corduroy coat and hat with fur trim, worn over a brown skirt and matching turtleneck sweater, with white riding boots.











Scottish outfit - a red plaid kilt with matching scarf, white blouse, red coat, and red riding boots.




























































This outfit is known as To The Theatre - a dramatic black satin backless evening gown with gold mesh wrap, headband, and purse. Worn with black high heel shoes.  

































































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