1220 to 1229


Wedding dress of white lace with a daring huge lace-and-tulle hat, pearl necklace and white high heels. This is the only known outfit sold in both dark green and light green box, and also the only one with two different promo pictures, as pictured above.


Blue brushed cotton hat, bag, vest, and skirt, matched with a plaid blouse and white sandals.



























































































Lovely plaid coat with white fur collar, hat and muff, knee long black pants and white sandals. This outfit was also seen with black pumps or black boots.










Business in the city - red skirt suit, checked blouse,  and a bag to match, with white sandals.












Pink and silver ballgown with a matching wrap. Shown in catalogue photo with white sandals. The bodice of the dress and the wrap are made of white cotton with pink embroidered flowers. This outfit is very hard to find.  


A set of two tennis outfits - blue top, white top, white skirt, and white shorts.  Accessorised with a visor, a towel, a pair of socks, and a tennis racket. Although this set comes with white sandals, it would be more appropriate to pair it with running shoes instead. Please note that this set is designed for one doll, and so two dolls would require two sets in order to have all of the accessories.







Comfortable and practical corduroy suit with matching bag and hat, worn with white sandals. This set can be found in various shades of green, however this may be due to the fading of the fabric, especially if often washed.





























































Gardening outfit of denim dungarees with blue checked blouse, straw hat and straw bag, with white sandals.




































































Mix-Mode - set of 4 outfits










































































































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Hippie-style flowered skirt and red-trimmed vest, with white short-sleeved blouse. Matched with red bag, satin ribbon headband, and white sandals.