1210 to 1219


Beautiful two-piece cocktail suit made of brown velvet with accents of white lace, with matching bag and hat.


Sporty red jogging suit with zipper top.






























































































Brown flower skirt with matching head scarf, bag, and white blouse, and brown or possibly black riding boots.  












White lingerie set of panties, bra, and slip.












Plaid skirt, white shirt, and white bag, with white sandals. It is not very clear in the promo photo, but the scarf is worn like a belt, tied around Fleur's waist.  


Cute kitchen outfit of white printed dress accessorised with matching apron, head scarf, gloves, and kitchen towel. In promo photo shown with brown sandals, but boxed outfit has brown high heels with small flower. Two variations of the dress have been seen so far, as shown in bottom left photo. Three different variations of the apron fabric have also been found, as pictured in bottom right photo.







Cream shirt and skirt matched with brown vest, hat, bag, and shoes. The skirt and shirt are made of linen-like material which wrinkles very easily.




























































Perfect for an autumn stroll - full white skirt of heavy cotton with white sleeveless turtleneck top made of same material, striped sweater and bag, white sandals.













Blue crinkled pyjama top and shorts decorated with white lace, white robe with blue lace and blue satin ribbon belt, and white sandals or slippers.























































Brown on brown - fluffy hooded coat with matching bag, white sleeveless turtleneck, brown pants and brown sandals. The quality of the coat is a bit of a disappointment, although it looks great in photos. Two variations of the pants have been seen so far - plain fabric pants made from the same material as the front stripe of the coat, or brown pants of heavy cotton, as shown on dolls in bottom three photos.







































































































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