1201 to 1209


Plaid dress with white turtleneck top, white and red bag, white ribbon headband, and white sandals. 


This outfit was called "Walking" in the 1978 catalogue. Cream coloured jumpsuit with red accessories. The stitching on the pants is in brown thread, to match with the brown sandals.





























































































This outfit was called "Travel" in the 1978 catalogue. Fiery red hat, jacket and flare pants in soft brushed cotton, with white purse, scarf, and sandals.










Long white dress with pink lace overlay and lacy sleeves, with large matching hat, and white sandals. One of Fleur's most romantic outfits.










This outfit was called "Free Time" in the 1978 catalogue. Flower shirt and head scarf, black skirt and vest, and red bag, with black sandals. We do not know for sure which scarf is meant to go with this outfit, please see photo at top right. Two types of scarves have been seen so far.


Bright red and yellow outfit for the beach - red one-shoulder swimsuit, yellow terrycloth robe with red trimming, and a matching yellow towel. The glasses are hard to find because they are easily lost. Unknown shoes.   







Sparkly white evening gown with silver embroidery on the bodice, with matching fringed wrap, and white sandals. This outfit is hard to find. Shown in catalogue with white sandals.  





























































Knitted white pants and sweater with red stripes, with white hat and white shoulder bag with a red button. Shown in the 1979 catalogue with red riding boots, but could possibly be worn with white sandals. 













Jockey outfit of black and white cotton, with black riding boots. This outfit is easily confused with outfit 1267.

Please read this blog entry for detailed description and comparison pictures between the two outfits.

1205 was also a number given to a set of Mix'N'Match outfits released in the late 80s.
























































































































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