New Look 





























It started with the logo - completely new font, colours, and with a butterfly instead of a flower. The old and new logo had nothing at all in common, except the word "Fleur".






Next came a change in packaging. Gone was the familiar dark green or light green look with flowers sprinkled all over the boxes. The new design was all in pink and purple, with much slimmer boxes. The quality of cardboard was not as good as previously used. This new design was used for both dolls and outfits.































Eight new dolls were now available for sale, with four themes: Disco Dance, Hollywood, Sport Time, and Video Star, two dolls for each theme.  





















































Fleur's face completely changed, and Look Around Fleur got a completely new body. Other New Look Fleurs had the same bodies as previous 1980s Fleurs - possibly to use up old stock. Please see Bodies and Faces sections for more information.




















Fleur outfits lost much of their individuality, and became a bit too outrageous. It was an obvious attempt to move with the times, but as you can see below these outfits are not very special. They were again divided into same 4 categories as dolls: Disco Dance, Hollywood, Sport Time, and Video Star. Please note that every Fleur in these photos has platinum blonde hair.   






































































































In addition to above outfits, there was also Match Wear. All outfits were packaged in these newly designed boxes, again disposing of the green design with flowers. Photos of Match Wear courtesy of Divando.  
























And finally, there was all new furniture. All the familiar colours of brown, green, white, and yellow were replaced by everything in pink and completely new designs. There was nothing left of the old Fleur charm and uniqueness.
















Items were as follows (all names original):

1. Studio Set - joint desk and bookcase with stool, mirror and stereo

2. Bed Sit Set - mini bedroom with joint wardrobe and bed

3. Bath - very shallow bath with accessories

4. Wardrobe - single closet with hangers

5. Book Case - single bookcase with records, photos and radio

6. Basic Furniture - strangely named single bathroom set with miror

7. Wash Basin - bathroom sink

8. Dressing Table - vanity set with accessories and stool

9. WC - toilet with rug


A few samples are shown below.



























































The new Fleur logo was also used on a re-designed Pretty Baby range. Please see Pretty Baby page for more information.






















As described in detail in Fleur's Story, at the end of 1980s everything changed for Fleur. She got a new face, hair, and body, new outfits, and new furniture. This change followed shortly after her English cousin Sindy was completely re-designed. The reason for Fleur's change is not known, but most likely it was an effort to boost sales and attract new customers.


This change took place in either 1987 or 1988, and Fleur production stopped shortly after, sometime in 1988. We can only guess that new Fleur was not as popular as expected. It is quite strange that original Fleurs from the 1970s and 1980s can still be bought, but very few New Look Fleurs and other New Look items are available. Possibly, it was due to very small overall production, because of failure of this new project.


Please see below a guide to Fleur's New Look.










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