Madeliefje is often found in absolutely dreadful state - but she cleans up beautifully. Here are a few photos of a lovely Madeliefje. Please note the outfit she is wearing is not an original Madeliefje outfit.


Unfortunately, possibly as an attempt to give her a tanned appearance, Madeliefje sometimes comes across as slightly over-tanned...


We are pleased to show you some rare Madeliefje ads which appeared in Dutch magazines, probably in the 1980s. Here you can see some of Madeliefje's authentic outfits, and see different dolls. Enjoy!  








































































Here you can plainly see how similar Madeliefje's body is to Barbie - hollow chest, very small waist, very long legs made of heavy rubber.


Her knees bend, and her arms are very long and slim, with slightly bent elbows. She has very strange feet - very tiny and narrow. In fact, Barbie's shoes are too big for Madeliefje!


On her back you may sometimes see a Madeliefje logo, as pictured on the right. However, not all Madeliefje dolls have this logo!




























Madeliefje - a doll who is a complete mystery!


Madeliefje is a Dutch fashion doll, often described as Fleur's clone. It is true that her face is very similar to 1970s Fleur. But, in fact, that is the only thing the two girls have in common!


Madeliefje is quite a popular little girl, but unfortunately hard to find - due to the fact that she is virtually unknown! She almost never appears online accurately named or described, many times she is called a Barbie clone. There is not a single website about her to be found - we are still looking! 


She was probably sold mainly in Holland sometime during Fleur's existence (1978-1988). We can only guess that she was not a financial success, because she is hard to find today, and her outfits are practically impossible to buy. Her logo has a daisy, because Madeliefje means "daisy" in Dutch. She was distributed by Edor.


If you know anything about Madeliefje to help us know her better, please contact us!



























































































































































































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