A question still without an answer - just WHO ARE all the kids? They certainly aren't Fleur's own - she didn't have a boyfriend until 1988! In the meantime, in her 10 year history, she had no less than 5 children - is she their mother? sister? cousin? babysitter? Nobody knows!


Even if we don't know who they are, Fleur kids are lovely and delightful. We have arranged them by estimated age. Pretty Baby has its own page, please be sure to visit for more information.



































































From left to right: newborn baby sold with Baby Nurse Fleur, Pretty Baby sold with Baby Carriage and as part of Pretty Baby collection in mid-1980s, Pretty Baby sold as own brand in late 1980s, small child sold with Snow Fun Fleur, bridesmaid (also called flower girl, not to be confused with Flower Girl Fleur) sold with Brides Happiness Fleur.


































































This newborn baby was sold with Baby Nurse Fleur. It was wrapped in pink terrycloth with pink ribbon. For a newborn it sure had an impressively full head of hair! It had a gorgeous face with a cute smile, blue eyes, and painted eyelashes. Soft vinyl head. Body was made of plastic and of quite poor quality, but this may be due to its very small size, difficult to work with.






















































































































































The next kid is no longer a baby, but a small child. It was sold with Snow Fun Fleur, with tobogan included. This child seems to be always dressed in pink, so presumably it's a girl. The head is made of soft vinyl, with rooted hair. This child doesn't have painted eyelashes like the previous ones. The body is made of hard plastic, without much attention to detail. This child only wears white cotton pants and the jacket - definitely not dressed warm enough for snow fun!



















































And here we have the oldest kid - the young Bridesmaid from Brides Happiness set pictured at top left. This little girl is very popular with collectors. We know for sure that she was sold with three hair colours - blonde, red, and brunette, and all of them are pictured above. She has a soft vinyl head, soft hollow vinyl arms with wire inside which allows them to bend, plastic body and non-bendable plastic legs. Her arms are a little too long, with hands reaching nearly to her knees, which gives her a slightly odd appearance. This is easily disguised when she's dressed. Although no clothes or accessories were ever sold for this little girl, she fits into small fashion doll clothes and looks great in them - see the photo at bottom right. The girl in the middle is wearing her original dress, the other two are wearing outfits of unknown origins.


























































































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And here is the absolutely gorgeous Pretty Baby. It was originally sold with a Baby Carriage, see top right photo. Then in mid-1980s it was given Pretty Baby name, and sold as its own collection in addition to all other Fleur items. Please see Pretty Baby page for more details. This Baby shows an enormous improvement from the first Fleur baby above. It is made entirely of soft vinyl, with great detail given to fingers, toes, face paint, and body in general. It even has gently carved hair on its slightly shaded head. The body is beautifully made with cute fat arms and legs and wrinkles around knees and elbows. Pretty Baby is by far the best made Fleur baby of all. Big thanks to my friend Erynnis for the beautiful photo in top left showing the Baby with authentic accessories.



Here we have the second Pretty Baby, sold in the late 1980s. Please see Pretty Baby page for more details. At top left is a promo photo showing all the Babies and accessories in the range. This Baby has almost the same body as the first Pretty Baby with only small differences in the hands and feet, and rooted instead of carved hair. Its thumbs stick out to fit into the mouth.The black/white photos show a comparison in height and size of both Pretty Babies. This Baby is made entirely of vinyl which due to its unfortunate quality turns very yellow and sticky with age. You can clearly see in the very first photo on this page how different is the colour of this Baby to all other kids. The last two comparison photos are thanks to courtesy of my friend Alienora.