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Below is an overview of Fleur's necklaces worn with various outfits. Please note that it is very difficult to identify each necklace by outfit number, because Otto Simon company often accessorised the same outfit with different necklaces.









In the mid-1980s special packs of jewellery were available for Fleur. They all had the same contents - four pairs of shoes, three belts, six necklaces, and a bag. Below are six examples of this jewellery pack. Please look carefully and note that the necklaces are different in almost every pack. 






Pictured below are a few examples of Fleur's glasses. These were sold with some outfits and dolls 1980s, mostly in blue or pink. On the far left are the rare yellow goggles worn by Skistar Fleur. Not pictured are the rare white glasses with red lenses belonging to outfit 1209.

















































































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