Other Furniture 




























Fleur had some beautiful wicker furniture, pictured below. There was an elegant armchair with a high back, and an entire suite with a couch, two armchairs, and a table. These items were very well made, and look gorgeous in real life.  


























The promo photo for In Concert Fleur doll, pictured below, showed her standing next to a lovely white piano. The piano was sold separately. It was not a musical instrument and the keys didn't make any sound, but when the little white lever was turned, the piano played a "Fleur melody", with very amusing loud grinding noise.













































































































































The two items pictured below may cause some confusion due to their names. In the top row we have Hairdressing Salon, which is a salon-style hairdryer with a chair, comb, and rollers. Two batteries can be put into the base of the chair to make the dryer blow real cool air.


The second item is called Hairdressing Saloon, and is a full hairstylist's station with a sink, mirrors,  chair, and a robe. This Saloon is made exactly like Fleur's green bathroom, and could fit in nicely as a sink. We have no idea why these two items had almost identical names. They could be put together to make a complete hairdresser's set, but their colours don't match.
















































































Fleur even had her own Swimming Pool, which came with a garden chair and gardening tools. It was very well made from strong but light plastic, covered in fake grass, and could really be filled with water. It is enormous in size, the box measuring 75 x 50 x 9cm.









































































































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Fleur also had a washer and dryer combo, which really worked! Two batteries were needed to make this appliance actually wash and dry clothes! We cannot say whether the results are satisfactory. This washer-dryer is hard to find in good condition today.


Fleur had her very own hospital set, where she could be either a patient or a nurse! The set consisted of a single hospital bed with a tray and surgical instruments. A cute little chart attached to the bed even had the Fleur logo on it. Obviously, to build an entire hospital set, one would need to purchase a few of these beds.