Household Accesories




















Fleur had several miniature accessories for her kitchen, living room, and office. Four of them were sold in small blister packs, as illustrated below. On the back of the box there was a simple drawing of all four items. Below is the detailed view for each item.












































The mixer has a real working wind-up mechanism which makes the blades spin, and the bowl is removable.























The stereo set has three parts - the player and two speakers. The wind-up mechanism makes the record spin, but it doesn't make any sound.



















The sewing machine also has a wind-up mechanism which spins the wheels. This machine is often incorrectly attributed to Sindy.   

















































The blender also has a wind-up mechanism which spins the blade.
















The pink blender shown below is part of the Fresh Fruits food set, please see Food page for more details.


























The last set of accessories belongs to the Secretary Fleur doll. This doll was sold with a choice of three items, shown below from left to right: a typewriter, a copier, and a computer. Each doll also had a notebook and a calculator.





















































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