Fleur's food is so fabulous, it deserves its own page!


There were five sets of Fleur food available, as shown below. For an unknown reason the breakfast set was reproduced the most times, and sold throughout the 1980s in three different packages. All of Fleur's food items are beautifully made, with great attention to detail. Also for an unknown reason the catalogue # 8005 was omitted from the promos. You can also see here the food available in Shopping Fleur's basket.


Many thanks to Erynnis for some of these rare photos.













































 Fresh Juice - catalogue # 8001. Please note this catalogue number was later given to  Breakfast - see below at number 8003.


This beautiful set included a large selection of fruit such as apples, oranges, pineapples, peaches, strawberries, bananas, and also canned fruit, to be served on a large platter with four small dessert plates. The red background in the pack is a picture of a tablecloth.

















































 Restaurant - catalogue # 8002.


This set included food as well as tableware. The food was sausages, ham, toast, chicken, steak, and strange white lumpy item which was probably meant to be mashed potatos. Tableware included four plates, cutlery, coffee jug, cups, and saucers, sugar dish, creamer, and salt and pepper shakers.





















































































 Breakfast - catalogue # 8003. The promo photo at top left and food at top right both have catalogue # 8003, but two nearly identical sets also named Breakfast at bottom left and right have catalogue # 8001.


The reason for the change in catalogue number is not known, however we estimate that this set continued to be sold throughout the 1980s and consequently is the easiest to find. This can be evidenced by the change in packaging - blister packs as shown in bottom right photo were commonly used for Fleur's outfits in the late 1980s.


There were some minor differences in the sets, mostly in the food. The red background in the set at top right is a picture of a tablecloth. The set at bottom right contains a small round lace doily, but the set at bottom left does not. We have also seen a set where one of the food items was a chicken leg.















































 Cake and Tea - catalogue # 8004. Many thanks to Maja for all the photos of tea and cake.


This set contained four slices of very white cake, with a hole at top of each piece where a strawberry was inserted. Unfortunately the strawberries were so tiny, they were easily lost. In addition to the cake, there was a coffee pot, cups, and saucers, cutlery, lemons, sugar dish, creamer, and an empty box each of teabags and sugar cubes.


























































 Fresh Fruits - catalogue # 8006.


This is a fabulous set, which on second thought should have switched its name with "Fresh Juice", as the only fresh fruits here are the apples. This set contained a working blender, five different kinds of bottled drinks, and three kinds of drinking glasses.


















































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 And here we have Shopping Fleur and her basket of goodies!


So far all baskets we have seen have the same contents, although most likely there was some variation. Most commonly, her basket contained a box of Honey Grahams, a can each of 7Up and Orange Schweppes, and a bunch of bananas.