1970s face - usually a hard head, with small eyes and mouth in comparison to 1980s faces.


Three hair colours available - platinum blonde, strawberry blonde (pictured), and dark brown. Hair had a very mousy appearance, and was very thinly rooted, with very few plugs.


Lips were painted orange or pink, due to aging the colour faded or changed to light yellow.





















Dungaree Fleur, late 1970s or early 1980s - very soft head.


Two hair colours have been seen - brown (pictured) and platinum blonde.


Hair was very thinly rooted, and of poor quality.


Most distinctive feature is the bright blue eye makeup, applied so liberally to some dolls that it looked like it was running down the face.






















1980s face - major change from the faces above. Heads were soft, medium, or hard. This face is more rounded, with much larger eyes. 


Hair colours available - blonde (shown on Jazz Ballerina below), red (pictured on the left), and very dark brown, almost black. 


This Mount Everest doll shows a typical 1980s Fleur hairstyle, where hair is curled and pulled into a ponytail at the nape of the neck.


Lip colour was nearly always the same shade of red, with only varying brightness.




















1980s face - this is a sample of another well-used Fleur hairstyle, with hair curled into a side ponytail.



























An exception to the typical 1980s faces was this Beach doll - she was made from coffee-coloured vinyl to simulate a deep suntan.






















Mid-1980s - this doll is one of the easier to identify - if this head comes with a ballerina body, it is an Aerobic doll. 


It is the only known doll with this hairstyle - hair parted all around the head to the base of the neck, plaited into two   braids. Available in blonde (pictured), red, or very dark brown.


Strangely, a few strands of hair were rooted below the ears, probably to force the braids to lie flat to the head when braided.  
















Another doll quite easy to identify - In Concert. She is one of only two Fleurs with hair parted on the side. Her hair is also styled into very lovely big curls. This doll had a ballerina body.


In addition to blonde, red, and very dark brown, she was also sold with chestnut-brown hair (pictured).


The second Fleur with side part hair was Famous Fashion. Her hair was styled into a low ponytail with a big curl. She was sold with standard 80s blonde, redhead, or dark brown hair. She had standard 80s body.
































This is the only known Fleur doll with short hair - Baby Nurse. She had a short versatile cut (presumably not to get in the way while she worked away at the hospital), with fringe. 


Available in blonde (pictured) and red, with dark brown being more rare.  


































Sweet Dreams doll was given unusual platinum blonde hair (pictured). Probably it was the only hair colour available for this doll, as all pictures featuring this doll show her with platinum hair.   























Late 1980s - ponytail Fleurs were introduced around this time, with a ponytail and fringe, available in blonde (pictured), brown, and brunette (pictured below left). A redhead with ponytail is a rarity.


These dolls had a Fleur logo stamped on the back of their heads, under the hairline (pictured below).


They were mostly poorly rooted, with hair plugs only inserted around the perimeter of the head, and the entire middle left bald. Ponytail was the only suitable hairstyle for these ladies.


Please note that although Jeans Fleur's hair is styled into a ponytail, she does not have a Fleur logo stamped on the back of her head.  






























































1987 and 1988 - the last major change in Fleur faces came at the end of the 80s, when New Look Fleur was introduced.


Major difference is in her eyes - all previous Fleurs look to the right, while this Fleur looks to the left. She does not have rooted lashes. Heads are soft, made of very pale vinyl.


There is no known difference in the makeup, all eyes and lips seem to be painted the same colour. Hair is mostly platinum blonde, and shown in this colour in all promo photos. However, two mysterious variations have been seen - one is a redhead, and another has very curly hair and fringe. As there is very little photographic material for these dolls, it's not possible at this time to guess who those mystery dolls were.  




























This is Turn Around Fleur - New Look face, but hair cut into a short bob.


In fact, this type of Fleur head appears in all New Look promo photos, such as in New Look outfits.


























Here are two faces of Gauntlet Fleur, who is very hard to find. See Bodies section for a full view.


This Fleur was sold with either rooted lashes (pictured on the left), or painted lashes (pictured on the right).



































































































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Fleur faces underwent more transformations than Fleur bodies. Most of the faces from the 1980s are very similar, causing difficulties in identifying dolls. Very few dolls have distinctive hair styles which set them apart from the rest. The hair was of varying quality, improving over the years, presumably as new fibres became available. However, one great feature of the hair is that it curls beautifully, which makes restoration to original styles possible without much effort.


The biggest problem with Fleur faces was the eyelashes, which were glued in a strip into slits above the eyes. The glue dissolved on first contact with water, causing them to fall out rapidly. Fleur with perfect eyelashes must be handled carefully to preserve them.



Another very distinctive doll - Colour Star. The only Fleur doll with short curly platinum blonde hair, with a few front strands dyed yellow, blue, or pink, to match her outfit. This head belongs to a ballerina body.


Interestingly, in Furga en Fleur book, there is a photo of this Fleur with completely black hair and with a yellow highlight in front. This is still subject of debate, because all photos ever seen of Colour Star doll show her with blonde hair.


A distinctive feature of this face is the dark blue eye shadow, not seen on any other doll.