Secretary - catalogue # 1060. Very professional Fleur in a conservative suit. Sold with 3 different hair colours, and 3 different sets of accessories. Each doll had a notepad and calculator, and then a choice of - typewriter, photocopier, and a very amusing computer. Please see this Accessories page for detailed pictures of these.

Dolls S - Z

 Shopping - catalogue # 1097. Lovely doll dressed in blue corduroy pants, sweater, and vest. Ballerina body. Sold with a basket full of goodies such as bananas, soda cans, and crackers. See Food section for details. Strangely, the head scarf was glued to her head, and often the glue couldn't be removed successfully, damaging the hair.

A very poor decision by the producers of the doll.





























































































 Skatestar - catalogue # 1091. Available in the late 1970s, this doll is very hard to find today as she's one of the oldest. Sold with choice of 3 different outfits as shown on promo photo.












 Special Offer - catalogue # 1009. Low price option available in the mid or late 1980s. Ponytail doll with Fleur logo on back of head. She wears shorts under the skirt for a different look. One of two Fleur dolls featured on the cover of Furga en Fleur book, see Books page for more details.










 Skistar - catalogue # 1092. Available in the late 1970s or early 1980s, is one of the oldest dolls. Her outfit can still be found today in excellent condition, except for the easily lost goggles. Rumour has it that this doll has bending ankles, so far not confirmed.

 Sport Time - New Look Fleur - catalogue # unknown. Choice of 2 dolls available in the late 1980s. Please note the second doll's ski outfit seems to be identical to Alpine Fleur, but in pink instead of white.





 Special Offer - catalogue # 1001. This doll is also known as Logo Fleur, because of Fleur logo shown on her shirt. Ponytail doll with Fleur logo on back of head. Available in choice of three outfits as pictured.






























































 Special Offer - catalogue # unknown. Low price option for a very simple doll. Her dress is often thought to belong to Sindy, and can still be found in great condition. As pictured, different colours of dress can be found. Doll had centre part hair, and Fleur logo stamped at the back of her head, under the hairline. This is the only doll who had the logo stamp, other than the ponytail dolls.










 Snow-Fun - blue catalogue # 1022, pink catalogue # 1050. Fun set of Fleur doll, small child, and tobogan. Both dolls bundled warmly in lovely outfits. This doll was available in the mid 1980s in blue, and then in late 1980s in pink, as pictured above right. 











































































































 Spring (Lente) - catalogue # 1030. One of the first Fleurs available in 1978, her outfit can still be found in very good condition. Beautiful doll in a lovely romantic gown and very large hat.




















 Sunny Day - catalogue # 1095. Available in early 1980s. Ballerina body and centrepart hair. Fleur didn't have many red clothes, and so this is one of collectors' favourites. This doll was often used in furniture promo photos.


































 Sunshine - catalogue # 1011. Available in late 1980s, and featured a new box design. Instead of usual photos of other Fleur dolls on the back, it had a cartoon drawing of Fleur on the beach. Fully accessorized with beach items. This doll was made of slightly darker vinyl to suggest a suntan.







































 Surfing - catalogue # 1018. Fleur was definitely into water sports, and came accessorized with a life jacket and a surfboard. Under her top she wears a very cute blue bikini top. This doll can still be found today mint in box.





























 Sweet Dreams - catalogue # 1012. Dreamy doll in beautiful blue nightgown sold in late 1980s. Seen only with platinum blonde hair, but in promo photo above left pictured with red hair.




































 Tennis - catalogue # 1024. Sold in a very stylish tennis outfit in choice of blue or red as pictured. Standard 80s body. This doll was available in mid 1980s, and is hard to find today. Please note a difference in socks and shoes - blue doll above has blue socks and white shoes in promo photo, but on doll there are white socks and blue shoes.






















 Tennisstar - catalogue # 1007. Gorgeous doll available in mid 1980s. Standard 80s body. One of most popular dolls among collectors.




































 Travel - catalogue # unknown, and no known promo photo exists for this doll. This is an unusual "travel" set with Fleur in a see-through carry case, made of green plastic and cardboard. The outfits and bag are still easy to find today, but a complete set as pictured is very hard to find.


























 Video Star - New Look Fleur - catalogue # unknown. Choice of two dolls dressed to appear presumably in an 80s rock and pop video. Hard to find probably because she was produced in 1988 in small numbers, when Fleur production was already nearing its end.  






































 Volendam - no catalogue number. Most interesting Fleur doll, not actually produced by Otto Simon, but sold in 1980s exclusively as a souvenir in Dutch village of Volendam wearing the traditional costume. Apparently many dolls were sold in Volendam as souvenirs in similar outfits, including Sindy! As pictured, this outfit comes in many fabric variations. Sold with wooden clogs, white lace cap, and red bead necklace. Outfit is made of two separate pieces - dress and apron.

































 Wedding - catalogue # 1020. One of the rarest Fleur dolls available in early 1980s. Her outfit was made of very fragile tulle, and so is hard to find today in good condition. Sold on ballerina doll with centre parted hair. Interestingly, the doll had both pink and standard plastic Fleur flowers.
































































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