Grand Gala - catalogue # 1023 for first doll, catalogue # 1049 for second edition. Beautiful doll in a lovely gown, but note how different the gown is from promo photo to actual doll. In late 1980s available in second incarnation as pictured at top right - pink princess gown with silver bodice and cape.

Dolls G - R
















































 Hollywood - New Look Fleur - this doll has no catalogue #. Two dolls available under same name, one in orange evening gown, and another in orange halter top and pants. This doll was sold in 1987 or 1988.











































 In Concert - catalogue # unknown. Please note doll in first photo has 70s body, but doll in box has ballerina body. One of only two dolls known to have side parted hair. Available in early or mid-1980s. Piano was sold separately.













 Jogging - catalogue # 1013. Sold in early 1980s in dark brown box, and again in mid-1980s in light green box. Dog was not included, but appeared in promo photo as shown above right. Although our photos show her shirt with numbers 4 and 8, she was actually sold with numbers from 1 to 9.











 Jazzballet - catalogue # 1014. Ballerina body. One of the most beautiful Fleur dolls and collectors' favourite. Her skirt is removable, leaving her in tights and one piece leotard.

 Look Around - New Look Fleur - catalogue # 1046. The only known New Look doll with redesigned body. Please see Bodies section for more info. Her head turned from left to right when her left arm was raised. Sold in choice of two dress colours - lavender or blue, as shown. 




 Kitties - catalogue # 1025. Ballerina body. This doll was most unusually packed in a box designed like a room, and Fleur herself sitting instead of standing. Sold with 2 cats as pictured, see Animals page for more info. Available in blue or red dress.


























































 KLM - catalogue # 1010 (same as Aerobic and Country Walk). Available in the 1970s. Her outfit is super popular among collectors, and is nearly identical to Sindy's KLM outfit. Very authentic and detailed replica of KLM uniform from those years.











 Jeans - catalogue # 1012. The only known Fleur doll with curly ponytail. Ballerina body. There was some variation in the fabric of her jeans. The boxed doll wears white sandals, the shoes in the promo photo have never been seen. Sold with dog.










































































































 Miss World - catalogue # 1040 (same as Babysitter). This is probably the rarest Fleur doll of all. In the Dutch Speelboom toy catalogue she is described as "Een schitterende creatie exclusief bij de Speelboom", meaning a beautiful creation exclusively for Speelboom. It may mean she was only sold in this one store.




















 Mount Everest - catalogue # 1020. Very sporty doll, centre part hair. Standard 1980s body. Sold with great accessories like a real climber (rope, backpack, compass, etc), except her wardrobe was definitely too light for climbing Mount Everest.



































 My Fair Lady - catalogue # 1096. Sold in early 1980s and therefore hard to find. The outfit was very elaborate and consisted of a satin dress with soft tulle skirt overlay, a large hat of same material, and matching purse and umbrella, accessorised with white heels with small flower and graduated pearl necklace. 







































 My First Fleur - catalogue # 1000 (same as Dungaree and Basic Fleur). Sold in late 1980s. Pictured in promo photo as ponytail, but boxed doll has centre part hair. Possibly sold as one of the lower priced "budget" dolls.

































 Nurse - catalogue # 1050. Available in the 1970s. Very realistic nurse uniform, can still be found in very good condition. Accessorised with a syringe, thermometer, and a first aid case.  She is one of collectors' favourites.

































 Parade - catalogue # 1070. Ballerina body. Centre part hair. Gorgeous bright red majorette uniform, feathered hat, and gold baton. This doll looks amazing in real life.























 Popstar - catalogue # 1093. Ballerina body. Centre part hair. As pictured, available in silver and gold outfit. Very 1980s look! Called by some people "Space Fleur", which of course is incorrect.



































 Promotion - catalogue # 1008. Three dolls in assorted matching outfits with blue/yellow/pink theme. All ponytail dolls, stamped with Fleur logo at back of head, see Faces page for more info. One of budget dolls available in the mid and late 1980s.

























 Rainy Day - catalogue # 1090. Sold in choice of three different outfits - blue, red, and brown, and with dog as accessory. These coats are still easy to find today, except the easily lost umbrellas. In bottom right photo you can see the dresses worn under the coats. Please note that there are two variations of the blue dress fabric, and possibly more exist.

















































































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