Aerobic - catalogue # 1010. The only doll sold with braided hair. Ballerina body with bending elbows and ankles. Sold with a pink hula-hoop, an extra sporty outfit made of pink terrycloth, and extra pair of shoes. The box is unusual because on the back it shows photos of Aerobic Fleur doing different activities, like dancing and jogging, instead of photos of other Fleur dolls.

Dolls A - F

 Alpine - white catalogue # 1016, pink catalogue # 1048. Ponytail doll sold on standard 80s body where legs could move sideways. Originally sold in mid-1980s in light green box and white outfit, in late 1980s sold also in pink outfit.


























































































 Amazone - catalogue # 1002. Centre part hair. Sold first in the mid-1980s in a large dark green gift box which included a blue button and a silver trophy cup, as shown in boxed doll photo on the left. Later reissued as doll only, without extras, in a slimer box, as shown above on the right. This doll was sold on a standard 80s body where legs could only move to front and back, and so it would not be possible for her to sit on a horse, as shown in the ad above.












 Babysitter - catalogue # 1040. Ballerina body. Probably one of the first dolls sold with this type of body. She wore a non-descript brown dress made of very poor fabric, with a black square buckle belt, and a headband. The baby appears to be the same one that Baby Nurse has (see doll above).









 Animal Doctor - catalogue # 1019. Lovely doll wearing a one piece dress and white lab coat. Sold with dog carrier and one animal. Only ever seen with the puppy, but shown in promo photos with different animals, please see Animals section for further info.  

 Beach - catalogue # 1094. Rare doll made of coffee-coloured vinyl to look like a deep suntan. Very hard to find with all accessories - camera that really "clicks", pink towel, plastic beach bag, and visor.






 Ballerina - catalogue # 1015. Sold as shown in white or blue dress. Blue ballerina had blue pointe shoes to match, they are hard to find today. Ballerina body with bendable ankles and elbows. Very popular with collectors, and hard to find today.


























































 Basic - catalogue # 1000 (same as Dungaree and My First Fleur). This is the first Fleur ever sold. Standard 1970s body. She was sold in two types of outfits - white shirt with red dress and headscarf, or brown shirt and grey dress and headscarf, as pictured above. Both outfits came in many fabric variations. The brown/grey outfit was seen with either brown boots or brown sandals.   












 Baby Nurse - catalogue # 1035. The only known doll with short hair. Sold with a cape, baby in pink blanket, syringe, thermometer, and stethoscope. Interestingly, she was sold with both ballerina body and standard 80s body, for unknown reasons!






































































































 Beach Time - catalogue # 1017. Doll wore either pink or blue swimsuit, with pink sunglasses and a towel. A pair of sunglasses was included as a gift for the buyer.























 Belle - catalogue # 1020. Second Fleur ever sold, probably around the same time as Basic Fleur. Standard 1970s body. Her outfit is still quite easy to find today in very good condition, and consists of a one-piece dress and a large hat, both trimmed with beautiful old-fashioned lace. This doll is also sometimes called Autumn, but her real name is Belle.
































 Bermuda - catalogue # 1003. Ponytail Fleur sold in three variations of Bermuda shorts and tops, as pictured. These dolls wore black high heels with large flowers. Please note in promo photo the doll appears to be a Baby Nurse with ballerina body, for an unknown reason - a correct doll is a ponytail doll.



































 Brides Happiness - catalogue # 1045. Sold in the early 1980s in dark green box, and then in mid/late 1980s in light green box. Fleur and her little bridesmaid always had matching hair colour, in blonde, red, or black. Fleur had ballerina body, with bending elbows and ankles.































 College - catalogue # 1021. Sold in either yellow or pink sweater. There was a gift of little notepad, pencil, and eraser for the buyer.



































 Colour Star - catalogue # 1004. The fanciest of all Fleur dolls, the only one with this type of hair - short and curly, with a colourful highlight in front to match the outfit. Ballerina body. Apparently conceived as a tribute to Penney de Jager dance troupe, very popular in Holland in the 1980s.























 Country Walk - catalogue # 1010. Sold with standard hair colours of blonde, red, and brunette, but also as platinum blonde, as shown. The brown dog in promo photo has never been seen. Featured "silky soft hair". Underneath her coat she wears an orange t-shirt and blue nylon pants.




































 Disco - catalogue # 1005. Lovely 1970s doll in a sparkly outfit, consisting of a one-piece catsuit with halter neck, a long sleeve jacket and a matching belt. Surprisingly, this doll is about 30 years old, but her outfit is still quite easy to find in great condition.























 Disco Dance - New Look Fleur - catalogue # unknown. Sold in two different outfits as pictured. Please see Faces section to see how her face differs from other Fleurs. The doll in gold dress wears rare pink heels with large flower and has long hair, the doll in silver dress wears same heels in black, and has short hair. She also has a large black lace hat which is not pictured in the promo photo.







































 Dungaree - catalogue # 1000 (same as Basic and My First Fleur). Due to the catalogue number she is thought to be the first Fleur ever sold, but she was probably sold in 1979 or in 1980. Available in pink or blue outfit as pictured. Standard 70s body. Her face is very different from other Fleur faces. See Faces section for comparison. This doll is special because she has bendable ankles, and so far is the only doll confirmed to have this feature. Available with platinum blonde, red, or dark brown hair. Some of these dolls had very bright blue makeup around their eyes, as pictured on a doll in blue.
















 Flower - catalogue # 1060. Featured on the cover of official Fleur book, see Books section for more info. Standard 1970s body. Much more beautiful in real life than in any picture. Her outfit can still be found, except for the always missing headband and basket.















 Famous Fashion - catalogue # 1005. One of the most popular Fleurs of all time. Side part hair and standard 80s body. Sold with Mini Knippie magazine for kids, knitting needles, and yarn. Her outfit can still be found in good condition.



































































































































































































































































































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