Meet Fleur's very late boyfriend - Danny!


 Danny is a silent, strong, badly dressed type... Tall dark and handsome? It's a matter of opinion! The only thing we know for sure - he made his first and only appearance at the end of Fleur's production, in 1987 or 1988, and he was never heard from again...


 We know very little about Danny. There is no evidence of any outfits or accessories ever produced for him, he could most likely only be bought with the clothes on his back, and nothing else! Surely, someone at Otto Simon realized - too late - that Sindy had Paul, Barbie had Ken... Fleur had - nobody (but somehow five kids)! And so, here we have the result!





































Gallery: Danny models his new clothes!

























 Danny was sold in a New Look type box, and with his name incorporated into the new logo, as shown at top of this page. His pants are made of the same fabric as some of Fleur's New Look outfits. Under his blue jacket he wears a very strange orange tank top. We can only guess that he will look much better when dressed with a bit more sophistication. Overall, there is much room for improvement for this fella.














































































































































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 Danny's head is in quite good proportion to his body. He has some very funky sideburns, blue eyes, and a slight smile. His hair is made of molded rubber, styled into a deep sidepart.

 He has very manly big hands - he is always ready to hold some tools! His arms and legs are made of soft vinyl, which luckily doesn't lose colour with age, but becomes terribly sticky instead. His only ID is a "Made in China" stamp on his back between the shoulders.

 Danny has super flat feet, which probably means he's not a very good dancer... well, ballroom dancer at least, maybe he can still shake his plastic booty... Interestingly, his feet look quite in proportion, but he wears absolutely massive shoes! They are at least 3 sizes too big! And honestly, who wears white dress shoes these days... Danny evidently needs an entire wardrobe overhaul, including new footwear.