Booklets and Books 


This booklet was included with the Travel Fleur and Secretary Fleur, and is     estimated to be the first of four, released in the early 1980s. It features various  dolls, outfits, and furniture. Particularly humorous is the picture of Fleur cleaning the toilet - hard to imagine Barbie doing the same! All text in Dutch, and each item has its catalogue number shown below the picture, except for the furniture.































































































Second booklet was included with Famous Fashion doll, and titled Mini Knippie. It included pages about Fleur, as well as some craft projects and ads for other toys.


Show here are the pages which relate to Fleur only - different hair styles, a simple knitted outfit for Fleur, and fitness fun.  
























The third booklet was published in 1986. Unlike the previous two, it was included with many dolls sold during that year, and the text was in English. It featured dolls, outfits, furniture, and accessories.


Some of the dolls, like Brides Happiness and Jazz Ballerina, were re-released during this year in new light green packaging.


Outfit 1286 Flower Design is mistakenly numbered as 1283 in this booklet, as already noted on the relevant outfits page.


















































































































































































































The fourth booklet, below, was also published in 1986,  and also featured different dolls, outfits, furniture, and accessories available that year. It is not known whether it was sold with any doll, or perhaps available as an extra item in stores. The text was entirely Dutch.


The photos in this booklet, although simple, were very beautiful and colourful. It was perhaps yet another attempt to introduce Fleur in her new light green colour scheme.












































































There are only two known books about Fleur.


The first is titled "Een meisje als jij", and is an official publication by Otto Simon. It is a story of Fleur and her Grandma Ochetoch. The book features many photographs of Fleur, but they don't seem to have anything to do with the story. This book was published in 1983. Below is a front, title page, and back of "Een meisje als jij", and all the photos from inside the book, in order of appearance.





























































































































The second book is "Furga en Fleur" by Anneke Husecken, who is a collector of Furga and Fleur dolls. This book was allegedly published in 2001, long after Fleur production stopped. It features a story of Anneke's collection, as well as many photos. The book contains some mistakes, for example on page 27  a doll in red dress is described as "Madelief" when it fact it's one of the 1970s Fleurs. This book is beautifully illustrated with photos of Anneke's own collection.


The back page features other doll-related books by the same publisher, none of which are Fleur. Half of this book is given to Furga, and half to Fleur. Shown below are only the photos related to Fleur.























































































































































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