Fleur bodies are extremely difficult to identify because mostly they have no markings at all. Fleur heads and necks were mostly the same size, and as a result many dolls have had their bodies and heads switched, presumably by the children who played with them. Often, it is impossible to tell what was the original "identity" of a nude Fleur doll.


The only way to be sure is to compare the doll with one in a box, however not all dolls are available boxed, and therefore this method is extremely limiting.


In addition, Fleur bodies are frequently confused with Sindy bodies, however upon careful inspection of the photos below the differences should become immediately apparent.


Fleur bodies overall went through 3 major changes, with minor variations - between 1970s to 1980s, and then from 1980s to New Look Fleur.  






































The first Fleurs had a very distinctive body - very long legs, tiny waist, pointy boobs, and very small hands. As illustrated, they looked quite out of proportion. These bodies seem identical to Martinair Sindy.


Some of the dolls with this body include: Skatestar, Skistar, Dungaree, Belle, Spring, KLM, and Basic.


These dolls had movable shoulders, hips, and knees, and a twist waist. Unusually, the Skistar doll had bendable ankles, and is the only known 70s doll with this feature. The mechanism in the knees was of excellent quality, still working on many dolls today.


The same body was given to Gauntlet Fleur, this body has a tiny letter E on the back between the shoulders, which probably stands for Espana, as they were produced in Spain. The Gauntlet Fleur has distinctive arms which bend at the elbow, and look like gauntlet gloves, hence the name. Gauntlet Fleur is shown on brown background.






Early-  to mid-1980s


Fleur bodies underwent a major change in the 1980s - their proportions became more realistic, and they could move in new ways. Fleur legs were now shorter with a more realistic proportion of waist-to-hip.


A promotional photo on the side of most Fleur doll boxes showed different ways Fleur could move. The first promo photo on the right shows how a typical 1980s Fleur doll could move.


Some of the dolls with this body include: Baby Nurse, Tennisstar, Amazone, College, Jogging, and many others. Interestingly, Amazone wouldn't be able to ride a horse with this type of body, although in the ads she is pictured sitting on a horse.










At this time a "ballerina" body was introduced, which is called "active" by some collectors, as a reference to Sindy's active body. However, this body type was never given an actual name, therefore we will refer to it as "ballerina" body throughout this website. Ballerina body featured arms which bent at the elbow and bendable ankles. This was achieved by wires, and therefore was far more reliable then the "clicking" knee mechanism.


This body was used on many dolls, not just obviously on Jazz Ballerina or Ballerina dolls, but on Colour Star, Brides Happiness, Babysitter, In Concert, Miss World, Secretary, and many others. It was obviously much more versatile in play.


An unusual ballerina body was given to Beach Fleur - it was made from coffee-coloured vinyl to simulate a tanned appearance. She is the only doll with this type of coloured ballerina body. She is shown below on the left.









Mid-  to late-1980s


A second type of basic body was introduced sometime in the middle or late 1980s, where legs could move from side to side. This body seems to have been most often used around 1986. These dolls did not bend elbows or ankles.


This type of body was mostly used on Fleurs with ponytail hairstyles, such as Bermuda, Promotion, My First Fleur, and Alpine.



















1987 and 1988


Fleur bodies underwent their second major change in the late 1980s, just before Fleur production stopped.


Initially, only Fleur faces changed, with standard 1980s bodies still in use. These dolls were collectively known as New Look Fleurs, and examples include Disco Dance, Sport Time, Video Star, and Hollywood. An example of this Fleur is shown on the left.


Then, a special Fleur called Turn Around was introduced. Her body was completely re-designed for a new look. She had arms permanently bent at the elbow, angled twisting waist, her hips were quite a bit rounder, and her head turned when her left arm was moved up and down. She was made from a different, light-coloured vinyl.  Photo on the right shows this body type.

























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