Fleur was a lucky owner of a beautiful horse. This horse was fully articulated, with moving head, and legs jointed in three places, and real mane and tail. It could be beautifully posed to look just like a real horse.


 The horse was available for sale first in the late 1970s, and then again in early and mid-1980s. As pictured below, it was originally sold in dark brown. Later, two more colours, black and light brown, were also available. Around 1986 the pony was introduced, sold in its own box designed to look like a pretty stable. It seems to have been available in only one colour. 


 Fleur's other adorable animals were the cats, sold as a pair with Kitties Fleur, together with a basket. It seems that they were always in same colours, one cat yellow, and the other black and white.


 The cats are slightly too large for Fleur, and made from heavy rubber of very high quality.


 Please see bottom photo on the right for two Kitties Fleurs in a garden together with their two cats and dog pictured above.





























































 Fleur's dog is one of her best known animals, because he appeared with her in many photos. He also seems to be every collector's favourite!


 The dog was sold, to our best knowledge, with Country Walk Fleur, Rainy Day Fleur, and Jeans Fleur. He was pictured in the promo photo for Kitties Fleur and for Jogging Fleur, but was not included with those dolls.


 Please note the promo photo for Country walk Fleur below. The dog in the photo is brown. This dog is slightly different from the black/white dog, and has never been seen for sale with any Fleur doll. It is possible that this dog was "borrowed" from Sindy, or simply used for this photo only.












































































































































































 And here is the adorable puppy sold with Animal Doctor Fleur. He looks so sad - he really doesn't want to go to the doctor!


 Please note two photos below - in the promo photo on the left Fleur is pictured with a dog and a cat. However, this cat has never been seen by us, any boxed Animal Doctor Fleur always had only the dog.


 Also, the booklet photo on the right shows Fleur with a completely different dog.


 It is therefore possible that Animal Doctor Fleur was sold with a choice of different animals.



































































































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 Please see below for two pictures which may be causing some confusion among collectors - are those cats actual Fleur animals or not? We think - not. They have never appeared in any photo other than these furniture promos. They were never photographed with any other doll. They were probably used only as scene setters.